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"In life, we always fall for the person who will never fall for us, always want the things that we can't have, and say things we shouldn't."

Preference #3: He stops you from killing yourself…

Liam: You looked up at your Liam Payne poster and sighed, knowing that you will never meet him and he will never notice you. You opened up your laptop and logged onto Twitter, checking your mentions. Looking through them you noticed that all there was was hate. Including a very hateful message from your best friend. You felt tears streaming down your face as you clicked to tweet. “I’m done. I’m going to do it tonight. Thanks so much for making me feel worthless everyone, goodbye. @Real_Liam_Payne i love you.” you shut your laptop and sneaked into your dads room grabbing a gun from his drawers. You locked yourself in the bathroom and held the gun to your head, finger on the trigger. Your hand was shaking furiously and you were sobbing. A sudden buzz from your pocket scared you and caused you to drop the gun. You took out your phone shakily and read the text. “Twitter: @Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N: please dont kill urself, i care. please babe i love u. stay strong xxx” you gasped and shot your hand to your mouth in shock. Needless to say, you never picked up that gun again.

Harry: You were slowly killing yourself day by day, not eating anything. It all started when some rude girls said you were fat. Now you just don’t want to eat at all. Harry doesn’t know this, of course. If he did he would just send you to the hospital and you didn’t want that, all you wanted was to lose some weight. You had just come in from work, feeling exhausted. You felt a bit dizzy and your stomach was screaming at you to get some food, but you disagreed. “Hey, babe. I made sandwiches, want one?” Harry asked as you passed by. “Not hungry.” you replied, walking into your bedroom and tearing off your sweater leaving you in a bra. Closing the door, you slowly walked to the mirror and examined yourself. You could clearly see your ribs but you still saw nothing but fat. You sniffed rather loudly and held a hand to your forehead as you felt dizzy. ”B-Babe?” you hear a voice in the doorway. You forgot to lock it. “Harry…” is all you could say before darkness surrounded you and you fell over feeling arms surround you. — You awoke to a strange white room and you heard sniffles beside you. Turning your head, you saw Harry crying with his head in his hands. “Harry?” you whispered. He looked up at you in shock before pulling you into a hug. “Why, Y/N? Why, why, why?!” he cried into your neck. You wrapped your arms tightly around him as you felt tears sliding down your own cheeks. “I’m sorry.” you whispered. “They said if you went another day, you would’ve died…” he began to breathe deep breaths. “Please, babe, Y/N…please. Don’t do this to yourself.” he said as he pulled away to look at you. “I promise.” you replied before pressing your lips to his.

Louis: You and Louis were in the middle of a bad fight. It all started with something silly, he forgot to put his shoes away and you tripped on them. You were both screaming at each other. “YOU DON’T DESERVE ME!” Louis shouted. “YOU KNOW WHAT? GET OUT! JUST GET OUT, LOUIS!” you shouted back. You kicked the wall in anger. “Make me!” he replied. “You are such a child!” you shouted before grabbing a suitcase and throwing your things in. “What are you doing..no, baby stop!” he begged. “NO!” you screamed. Louis stood there angrily watching you before screaming, “WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BRAT?! GO JUMP OFF OF A BRIDGE FOR ALL I CARE!” you stopped everything and looked at him in shock. His eyes widened as he realized what he just said. “Wait…no, I didn’t mean it.” “Well, if that’s what you think then maybe I will.” you said calmly before running out of the flat. You ran as fast as you could, and you could still hear Louis’ screams for you to come back. Not this time, you thought. You reached a bridge and ran to the edge. Sighing quietly, you lifted your foot out, ready to step off. As you took the step, you shut your eyes and felt the wind fly through your hair, but only for a second. You stopped. you felt hands gripping onto your own. You opened your eyes and they widened in shock. You looked up to see Louis looking mortified. “Louis…” you whispered before looking down at the sharp rocks that could easily kill you if you fell. Fear filled you and you whimpered. “Louis, help me! I don’t wanna die! Help me!” you cried. “Hold on tight, babygirl. Don’t let go.” he replied, voice cracking. He pulled you up with a hiss and soon you were back on the bridge. ”T-Thank you…Lou, I’m so sorry.” you sobbed. “It’s okay, shh shh.” he hushed you as he picked you up bridal style. “Please don’t ever scare me like that again, boo… I never meant what I said and you know it.” he cooed. “I love you.” you whispered as the wind blew, leaving you shivering.

Niall: Your best friend called you and started yelling at you because she thinks you stole her boyfriend, even though she knows that Niall is your boyfriend. “You’re a slut! You cheated and stole my boyfriend!” she shouted through the phone. “I didn’t freaking steal your boyfriend, Y/BF/N! And I love Niall, I’d never cheat on him!” you replied, trying not to shout. “You’re a liar! I can’t believe you, Y/N!” she replied angrily. You huffed. You were already having a terrible day, no scratch that. a terrible month. Dealing with all the hate you got since you and Niall went public, dealing with your family who screamed at you everyday for such little things, and finally now you’re dealing with your best friend. “Just shut up! Shut up! I hate you!” you screamed into the phone. Niall walked into the room slowly to see what the noise was about. “Princess, what’s wrong?” he asked. You just glanced at him before looking at the wall as tears dripped off your cheek. “Forget it, you aren’t my friend anymore.” your best friend told you. “Y/BF/N, please… I didn’t do anything!” you cried. but it was too late, she hung up. You threw the phone at the wall and sobbed. Niall was by your side in an instant. “What happened?” he asked. You pushed him off of you and you stood up. “I hate my life, Niall! That’s what!” you screamed before running into the bathroom. You grabbed one of your blades which you kept for days like this and quickly sliced it across your wrist. “Princess! Stop! Whatever you’re doing in there is NOT the answer!” Niall shouted from outside the door. That didn’t stop you, though. You kept cutting deeper and deeper until the pain was unbearable. You yelped loudly and dropped the blade. Blood dripped down your hand and onto the floor, and finally the door flew open and you fell onto the floor as you felt dizzy. “No!” he ran over to you and quickly pressed a towel to your wrist. “Please babe, you have to stop this…” he cried. You shook your head. “We’re gonna get you help. I promise, I promise.” he pressed his forehead to yours and your tears met. “Promise me you’ll try.” “I p-promise.” After he cleaned you up, he took you to the hospital just to make sure you were alright, and just as he promised, he got you help.

Zayn: You’ve had pretty bad depression for a while now, and on top of that you were always getting hate. It’s gotten to the point where you just see no point in living anymore. Zayn knew you were feeling bad lately and he’s kept a good watch on you. So at around 3 AM when Zayn and you were in bed, you got out of bed slowly, doing your best not to make any noise. Your breath was shaky because tonight you were planning to take your own life. You sneaked quietly into the bathroom and searched through the cabinet until you found a bottle of pills. You took off the cap and took a pill out, just staring at it for a moment before taking a big breath in and slowly putting it in your mouth. After many more pills, the door suddenly opened, revealing a very tired looking Zayn who was just unzipping his pants. “Babe?” he asked as he rubbed his eye. “I didn’t know you were in here. What are you doing up?” he asked. His eyes widened as he saw the bottle of pills you were holding and the dry tears on your face. “Y/N…” he whispered, mouth open slightly. You didn’t know what to say. “How many did you take?” he asked, raising his voice. You flinched a bit and he sighed before repeating himself, softer this time. “N-Nine.” you replied guiltily. “I’m sorry, babe.” he said. You were about to ask why, but he suddenly grabbed you and hovered you over the toilet and shoved his fingers down your throat. Soon you were throwing up your dinner and the pills. He rubbed your back as you finished. ”Look at me, Y/N.” he sat you down in his lap. You did as he said and he sighed. “Why would you do this to yourself?” he asked as he stroked your cheek softly. You didn’t reply, you just looked down at your lap. ”Don’t go all mute on me, you can talk to me.” You looked back up at him before speaking, “I just don’t know how much longer I can handle this, Zayn.” “You should have told me, boo…we’re gonna get you help, alright?” You nodded and buried your head in his chest as he wrapped his arms around you.

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